Trading is a Warfare & MKAST is Your Advantage.​

MKAST is a combination of algorithms and the most useful indicators, making it perfect for an all-rounded trader.

Automated Trading

Automatically execute MKAST signals on your favorite derivates exchange*

Automate and Dominate

Automation of your strategy has become more and more important over the previous years. Gain the automatic and algorithmic advantage with MKAST and automate your advanced MKAST strategies.

Simple and Easy

We offer a Step by Step Full Automation Guide for our users. The automation of MKAST takes a maximum of 5 minutes after everything is set up.**


MKAST has a sophisticated database containing the most profitable automated pairs. This database is open for all members and is continuously updated by the whole MKAST userbase with the “hottest” settings of coins.

*Third-party tool needed.
**Silver Package or higher required


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Built-in Indicators
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These are only some of the features MKAST has to offer


Enable notifications to ensure maximum and even automated use. MKAST offers real-time alerts for your settings.​

Backtesting Friendly

MKAST comes with a backtesting tool to make automation and adjusting as smooth as possible.​

Trading Pair Support

Unlike many other algorithms, MKAST is made for all markets going from volatile Crypto to conventional Forex.​

15 Indicators included

MKAST contains various commonly used indicators while using only one indicator space and allows to run up to 15 indicators.

No TV Membership

Using MKAST is easy and can be done without any additional costs on TradingView.​

All-In-One Indicator

MKAST is a combination of algorithms and the most useful indicators, making it perfect for an all-rounded trader.

Easily Customizable

Customize it any way you like.

The MKAST Indicator combines all essential indicators in one well-designed option, taking only one indicator slot on Tradingview

Thanks to our complex and advanced coding of MKAST, you can easily customize the settings of the MKAST Indicator and use all of the 15 included indicators at once without an active TradingView Subscription.

There are no restrictions; the MKAST Indicator works like a charm with:

  • Commodities 
  • Legacy Markets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex

Start Trading with MKAST Today

Experience a new way of trading, think of MKAST as your friendly assistant, tool, and new best friend.

Before you go!

Experience a new way of trading, MKAST is designed to support you all the way through your trading journey!